On Bermuda Shorts: the ugly face of practical.

It was a Friday afternoon in the middle of a Vancouver summer. The work week was done and I was excited to meet up with my friend for dinner and drinks. At the time I was interning at a digital design agency and worked in a totally trendy office in Gastown where everyone rode their bikes or took transit and our office was completely paperless – you were shunned for using a paper coffee cup. Shunned.

It was hard enough for me to look chic on an extremely tight budget, but hipster chic? Come on. Impossible! I had to turn my awkward student wardrobe into something it wasn’t. It was a particularly hot week and I was running out of summer dresses and skirts. I opened my drawer one morning and there, buried under a pile of jeans, were black Bermuda shorts. Now, I used to LOVE Bermuda shorts growing up because my abnormally long legs didn’t look so long in them. But I was 23 and I had moved on. Or so I thought.

I looked at the clock and was already a few minutes late. I slipped on those black beauties and went on with my day. The outfit was fine for a Friday at work, the problem came after when I met my pal for dinner at a cool oyster bar. Sure, I wasn’t feeling my ‘best’ that day in terms of wardrobe choice, but you get a beer in me and I will accept and justify any choice I’ve made. 1 beer led to 3 and before we knew it, we were going out that night.

*I’d like to add that I was also carrying around my leather messenger bag with my macbook and charger in it.*

We ventured to one of our favourite spots to have another beer and continue the conversation and laughs. I’m still in my black Bermuda shorts carrying around my laptop in a messenger bag and I’m still havin’ a time. We get to drinking a few more beers and the table next to us ends up chatting us up and inviting us out a bar for some dancing. If there’s one thing Sara and I like to do together, it’s dancing like idiots in the bar. We said yes.

We get to the bar and we’re both feeling pretty good by this point. We hit the dance floor immediately and scared away the gentleman who invited us to the bar. Mission accomplished.

It was then that I looked down at my sandals and Bermuda shorts, looked at my messenger bag sitting on a stool close by and commended myself for rocking those black Bermuda shorts from morning until night. Who said they aren’t cool and practical? No one. Okay, everyone.

The point of my story is that Bermuda shorts are very practical for the office setting I’m in now and I’ve been perusing Pinterest for ways to style them, because let’s face it, they are a beautifully awkward piece of clothing.

Above: I’m now obsessed with her blog since finding this photo on pinterest. Check her out here.

Above: photo from

Above: Photo from

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

xo Ali

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3 Responses to On Bermuda Shorts: the ugly face of practical.

  1. Erica says:

    HAHAHA this is amazing! at the beginning of this post i was cringing at the thought of bermudas, and now I kind of want some… odd? nahhhhh. haah they do look super cute with a chambray top (seriously at the very top of my wants list right now), so kudos to you. And i enjoyed the mental picture of you killing it on the d-floor in sandals and bermies. You hipsta you! (that was in an aussie accent, mate)


  2. sara says:

    fav post ever.


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