Goal Setting

Are you a goal setter? Yes? Then we can’t be friends.

Kidding. We can ALWAYS be friends. But what I really mean is that while I may be a goal setter, I am not a goal achiever. While I always always make goals with the intention of achieving them, more often than not, something always gets in the way. I’m making it sound like I never achieve goals, but I do and I have: University, internships, jobs, travel, saving money. It feels GREAT to set out and achieve goals and I’ve noticed lately that I’ve stopped setting goals. I find they are really motivating for me, especially when I add a little treat upon achievement – so what if it works for 5 year olds, it works for 25 year olds too!

With that said, I am determined to become a goal achiever, not just setter, again! I’ll start a small list of little things I’d like to get done that day – laundry, work out etc – and then grow my goals from there. As my Christmas beach vacation approaches my current goal is to move every single day. Whether it’s 40 minutes on the treadmill or 15 mins of yoga before bed, I’ve got to MOVE IT MOVE IT!

What are your goals? Big or small? TELL ME! I WANT TO KNOW!

Better get going – I’ve got a workout to do. Have a fabulous day!

xo Ali

PS. (this is getting old isn’t it?)

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