I’ve never been a “Case of the Mondays” person, but for some reason, today is different. After a weekend away in Calgary and what felt like weeks of -37 *C (w/ the windchill) weather, I am so ready for summer and weekends spent at the beach.

So, instead of paragraphs of negativity, I thought I’d re-post something adorable I saw on Twitter this morning from one of my favourite British comedians/actors, Stephen Fry:

RT @EarthPix : Baby Otters – I know, cute overload, but honestly, who can resist? (via @pettore )

— Stephen Fry (@stephenfry) March 3, 2014

Here’s something else to put your week into perspective and make it the best yet. Thank you, Erin, for posting this!

You’re welcome and don’t forget to SMILE today! Life is beautiful. I hope you have a fabulous week.

xo Ali

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