Editing Yourself.

Have you ever posted something on Social Media that you immediately regret due to the instantaneous, angry replies from your friends and/or followers?

I tend to hold back from these types of posts as I’ve never been much of a s*** disturber, so when I do post something that I care about or was thought provoking or maybe just good for a laugh in the afternoon, I often get frustrated with the comments.

This got me thinking about how much of my life revolves around Social Media and how I present myself on the many channels available. Because Social Media is a huge part of my day job, I find it really contradictory to my beliefs in the power of Social Media to private my accounts. The point is to connect, to inspire, to empower – so why censor ourselves?

Even though that little lock icon isn’t on any of my pages, I certainly do privatize some thoughts and edit everything I put out there because the simple fact is that everybody is watching – woah, a bit creepy actually!

Here a few rules that I’ve created for myself when it comes to my brand and the person I want to be online:

  1. Don’t swear: I am certainly guilty of this on occasion and I’m trying to get better, but just try to keep it clean!
  2. Angry? Sad? Frustrated? WAIT! STOP! Save that tweet to drafts and revisit that puppy later. I’m super sad that Gilmore Girls is no longer too, but there’s no reason to tweet about it 100 times.
  3. Don’t drink & Post: You’re out with your pals, you’ve had a few too many pints and you want to share it with the world. Instagram the 3 of you having a laugh and then put the phone away. No one needs to know you can’t finish your Denny’s breakfast at 2:30am because you can’t lift up your head long enough to shove that pancake in your mouth.
  4. Don’t react to negative posts! Someone saying something about you or someone you know? Don’t say anything publicly. If it’s a really hurtful comment, call or text them.
  5. Watch the sarcasm – know your audience! Again, guilty. Sometimes sarcasm just doesn’t translate, especially to certain age group.
  6. Don’t post anything you aren’t willing to have a real, face-to-face conversation about. Girl, don’t hide behind those QWERTY keys – stand up for what you believe in!
  7. BE YOU! And if being you means a selfish, bigoted, jerk… then maybe click that lock button!

Have a wonderful day.

xo Ali

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