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A couple of weeks ago now I saw the #100HappyDays movement on Twitter via one of my many girl crushes at the moment, Emmy Rossum.

It’s simple really: post a photo of something that made you happy each day for 100 days in a row. It can really be anything! Your morning coffee, a loved one, flowers – anything. I thought it’d be pretty easy to find at least one thing that made me happy that day and snap a photo, but it’s really not just posting a picture. It’s about reflecting on something that truly makes you smile and sometimes this is truly a challenge because some days just suck and the last thing I want to do is reflect on my crappy day and figure out what sucked the least.

My advice is to challenge a couple friends, choose your own hashtag and just have fun with it! It’s a really neat way to diary your day and even better is the fact that it’s on Social Media – hashtag city y’all! Use the main hashtag if you want to go public or create your own! Check out my 16 #100happydays photos

This was Day 9 – off to family dinner and the end of a great weekend!

What makes me happy today? New videos up on my YouTube channel – yay! Thank you to those who watch my face and read my blog – it means more than you know.

Have a fantastic week!

xo Ali

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