Road Trip: Canmore & Banff

When I realized we had an obligation free weekend, I decided we should try and get away for a couple of nights to relax a little and relaxing we did! We left for Canmore Saturday after work and were hoping to get there in good time until we realized we couldn’t find the keys to the place we were staying. Someone (me) left them in someone’s purse (mine) that was used around Christmas holidays and packed away. OOPSIE! But we got there eventually, so it’s all good… right Stevey?

We were looking for some food FAST once we arrived and stumbled upon this Brazilian BBQ place that has been in Canmore for a little while, but we’ve never tried. It was AMAZING. I’ve never been to a Brazilian BBQ place so everything was new to me and I can’t comment on authenticity because well, I’ve never been to Brazil. All I know is that the food was amazing and Steve and I couldn’t contain our excitement about the place. Have you been? You should go! Oh, you want to go together? OKAY!

The weekend was full of eating, drinking, shopping, and walking around enjoying the beautiful spring weather. We played board games until late at night (still upset about losing scrabble – sorry Mom), watched movies,  and chatted. It was truly a lovely weekend away and a great start to a busy spring and summer season.

While the landscape was incredibly similar to where we live, there’s something about just leaving the everyday that allows me to think and relax and figure it out, so to speak. Below are a few photos of our adventure!

Enjoying a pint and pretzels at Banff Ave Brewing.

Such a beautiful drive through Kootenay National Park.

I think I have this…

I hope you have a lovely weekend!


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  1. margber says:

    Banff is one of the most beautiful places Ive ever been. The scenery is breathtaking. Have a wonderful time!


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