Why YouTube?

…Because why not?

Really though, I’ve been watching various YouTube channels for about 5 years now. I joined YouTube in 2009 so I could subscribe to 2 channels that I watched all the time: Phillip DeFranco, humour and current events, and JulieG713, beauty and fashion. Two very different YouTubers but I enjoy their videos immensely even to this day. I found great comfort in watching YouTubers when I first moved to Vancouver with a friend of mine. The new and challenging city had me curled up in bed with my laptop most nights. So, after all these years and the different places I’ve lived, I’m still watching. In fact, I’ve watched some of these channels grow into full-fledged businesses and full-time jobs and it’s been one of the neatest things to see people’s hopes and dreams come to fruition.

I didn’t start actually uploading videos until about 2 years ago. I was scared and nervous I didn’t have anything to share. But as life went on and neat things were happening to me, I thought why not just start small and see what happens? I’ve now been consistently uploading videos for about a year and have a bit of a schedule too. Once I got over the fear of no one watching, I realized that it didn’t even matter if no one watched because I enjoy the process so much. I love having the memories of these videos for my loved ones to see and I love the fact that it makes me happy. I won’t lie, I’m still having trouble figuring out the theme of my channel and maybe one day I’ll come up with a grand plan for it, but for now I’m cool with the vlogs, the book chats, the anything goes chats, and the occasional beauty video, because I’m girl and I like that stuff.

So if you do follow along already, thank you, if you don’t, find me at xo Ali, if you’ve watched and hated what you saw and made fun of me, then good riddance because xo Ali is about spreading love and kindness around our little world and no, it’s not cool to be rude, so quit it.

Below is my April Favourites video. Hope you enjoy! If you do, why not subscribe and maybe leave a cheeky little comment while you’re there.

xo Ali

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