A Weekend in Vancouver

Boy oh boy did I have a fun weekend in Vancouver! It’s always lovely to go back to the city I love and once lived in and experience it’s wonderful qualities. Thankfully the weather cooperated which made everything even more enjoyable. I did pretty well in the picture taking this weekend so I thought I’d share a little photo diary!

My flight was delayed quite a bit and a small town airport doesn’t exactly have a lot of stimulating things to do so, selfie.

My parents and I spent the first day of my visit in their storage locker looking for old photos and other random things. I finally found the photos of my BF and I when we were 4. We went to the same day-care as youngsters and when I (re) met him in high school I would often look at those photos and swear it was him. He didn’t quite believe me until he finally saw the photos. It’s undeniably him – he looks the same. Adorable, but the same!

Later that night, I caught up with my friend Sara and we enjoyed some beverages and chats in her boxed up apartment!

Over the next couple of days, my Mom and I spent the afternoons shopping. We went to what felt like every garden store and nursery in Vancouver, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. One of my favourite things to do with my Momma on Mother’s Day weekend.

This nursery had bunnies, chickens, goats – you name it! This is only 1 of MANY bunny pictures on my phone. You’re lucky.

The parents and I ate a ridiculous amount of oysters at Rodney’s Oyster Bar for Appie Hour. *Mouth starts watering*

We started Mother’s Day off with coffee in my Mom’s garden. See, now the garden stores make sense! Such a beautiful little garden in the city. Love it!

I left Monday afternoon but not before I got some sushi in me. It’s a crime to leave Vancouver without sushi consumption. A CRIME!

I truly had such an awesome weekend with my parents and friends. It was a great kick off to a fantastic summer. We are off to the Banff Wine Festival next weekend so stay tuned for a fun post full of red teeth!

Have an awesome weekend.

xo Ali

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  1. looks like an amazing weekend! :)


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