#100HappyDays – Check!

I have officially completed #100HappyDays! It’s been a busy few weeks which explains the lack of posts. June has been an incredibly life changing month and it feels fantastic. The 100th day landed on Sunday, June 15. We had just spent the weekend with family and before they all started the drive home, they stopped at our place to meet our new pup (more on her later). After picking her up, I walked up the stairs and sitting there was a cake decorated with items representing past #100HappyDays posts. I started crying of course. It was truly the best end to a challenge that took no effort but brought me so much joy.

Completing the challenge wasn’t about posting to Instagram 100 days in a row, but about realizing every single day, what truly makes me happy. It forced me to live in each moment and look at how that moment made me feel.

Next week, I will be leaving my current job to pursue other opportunities. It’s been a long time coming and I am grateful for the experience, but it’s time to move on.

My boyfriend and I adopted a pup and named her Baloo, as in the bear from the Jungle Book. Her and a couple of her siblings were found under a shed in northern Saskatchewan by an organization in my town that runs spay and neuter clinics in areas across BC and the Prairies. I’ll do a post on Baloo and how much I’m obsessed with her, but for now, just know she was an abandoned pup and now she has a loving home.

Thank you for sticking with me through the past 100 days. It’s been a slice…of cake… (sorry)

xo Ali

S, A, & Baloo

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