Our Pup, Baloo.

I have someone here I’d like you to meet: Baloo!

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Baloo is a mutt we adopted from a local rescue organization call GALS ( Global Animal Lovers Society ). I saw a photo of her and had to meet her immediately.

Steve and I met her and her foster Dad on the beach and instantly fell in love. He asked if we wanted to take her for a trial run over night (side note: don’t EVER do this if you’re super unsure of a dog because you will end up adopted it). Of course we said yes and so we started our 2 night trial with Baloo, then called Copper.

After a glorious couple of days with little Copper, though I should note we were already calling her Baloo, we brought her back to her foster home so we could make a decision without her there.

There wasn’t much of a decision.

After a fun, family-filled weekend, I picked up Baloo and introduced her to her new home. Steve and I are totally in love with this pup and she’s brought nothing but happiness into our home. Owning a dog is a huge commitment and most people told us we were crazy, but I really didn’t care. The joy I get out of this dog and training her and exposing her to new things, far outweighs the early mornings and the accidents (though the pees inside are virtually non-existent now).

Baloo has the calmest demeanour and is great with people. She’s a bit of a baby around other dogs, but we are working on that. She rarely barks and is learning how to move her growing body and big paws. She likes to hang out on her back most of the time and play tug-of-war with us, and she’s BIG into hugs and kisses. One of my favourite times of day is after I’ve woken her up in the morning, let her out of the kennel and gone for a pee. Then we sneak up to the bedroom and say good morning to Steve. A friend said this weekend, “If I could choose to die, I’d die by being attacked with licks from puppies.”

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This little pup needed a home and boy does she love hanging around us. We don’t worry too much about her off leash because she doesn’t stray too far from where she knows it’s safe. We like to think that she remembers her life before and is just so grateful to humans that they rescued her and gave her a chance at a good life.

So welcome little (big) Baloo! We are so glad to have you in our life.

xo Ali

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