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Make it Count

*image I always love the beginning of a new year. The prospect of starting anew is so liberating and scary at the same time. The pressure of a new year’s resolution prevents me from making one, but this year … Continue reading

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You probably have an opinion on most things, right? Well I do too. I would say I’m a pretty open-minded person. I listen to other people and judge only when prejudice arises, which, for some, is constant. I try not …

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I am oh so close to finishing Looking for Alaska by John Green and I really can’t wait to share this one with you. And guess what? I’m even going to attempt filming a review and posting it to YouTube. …

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Oopsie. But life gets in the way sometimes. I missed this little blog of mine. I love reading and talking about reading and that is why I created this space on the internet. So friends, right now I am currently …

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I picked up these two beauties from my local used book store. The prices were a tad high for a used book store but the business is local and I feel a bit better purchasing from them than a larger book store chain. Only a bit though as those chain stores can be a mighty easy place to get a book that is rather unheard of.

Have you read either of these? Douglas Coupland is one of my favourite authours and I’ve been wanting to read The White Tiger for a while now.

Have a good one!


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I’m just over 100 pages in The Hunger Games and all I can think while reading is “HOW CAN EVERYONE BE SO CASUAL ABOUT FIGHTING TO THE DEATH?” I’m telling you right now, if our present world becomes one with …

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Here on Read Me, Dear we don’t judge books by their cover, genre, or (lack of) hype – we believe in equality and giving everything (and everyone) a chance. My goal for this blog is to encourage reading. If a …

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