Bits of My Weekend

This weekend was a busy one, starting with a charity dinner & comedy show for an animal shelter in town that I’ve just recently started volunteering for called ICAN. (Check them out if you get a chance!) I helped decorate my company’s float for a Light Up! festival, but I didn’t end up going  to the festival because I had a very quick bout of the flu. That was weird. Then of course it was the Grey Cup this weekend and we were expecting a friend in from out of town so I was busy making yummy things to munch on all. day. long. (I’m writing this after 45 mins on the treadmill – bikini time in 4 weeks, people). Today, we ended our pal’s visit with a trip to the natural Hot Springs near us. It was a lovely, busy weekend full of laughs, friends, and great food. What more can one ask for? Oh just an adorable dog to puppy-sit all weekend? CHECK!

Photos for your eyeballzzz. <3

photo 1-1

The most adorable.

photo 2-1

Always in awe of the beauty that surrounds me. Photos don’t do it justice.

photo 4 …See above description.

photo 3

I peak at our float!

photo 2-2 The live auction at the dinner/show!

I hope you had a fabulous weekend!

xo Ali

Video: Columbia Lake, BC

You all know how much I love to show off where I live. Yesterday evening, my boyfriend’s boss took us on a little boat ride and swim on Columbia Lake. The weather has consistently been above or around 30 degrees for the past little while and the only way to sufficiently cool down is to jump in the lake. Oh lake. How I love you so.

xo Ali