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Links ‘N Drinks

I can tell this series is already becoming one of my favourites to write. I get to peruse the interwebz for fun things and share my love of all things boozy with you. Heaven.

The Links

  1. My beautiful cousin Kate just started her own blog . Take a look!
  2. This gives me the warm and fuzzies.
  3. Take note of how much time you waste with this one. Also, be careful at work.
  4. Delicious, guilt-free cookies that satisfy that darn sweet tooth.

The Drink

I’m not a fan of straight rye whiskey and I question those who are. BUT, I do love a little something mixed with whiskey so here is a classic to enjoy in this shitty, cold lovely weather.

xo Ali

reading wrong And a photo for good measure.

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Happy New Year to you and yours!

December has been a busy one for me and for the past week I’ve been doing absolutely nothing but reading, eating, drinking, and beaching (emphasis on the drinking – WHAT? I’m on vacation!) As I type this I can hear the waves crashing against the sand – such a soothing sound. Okay, I’m done bragging.

Srsly though, 2012 brought about a University Degree, a family wedding, a cute boy, and many, many other wonderful things. But I just have this feeling 2013 is going to be a good one.

I have never been a resolution kind of gal. I figure if you want to change, then do it. Our time on this earth should not be wasted so GET TO IT. I’ve already mentioned my 1/2 marathon that I will run in May of this year, but 2013 will also bring about some travel which I’m very much looking forward to, but duh, who wouldn’t be.

Anyway, I hope your holidays were relaxing and full of fun, family, and good eats (and drinks) and that this year is even better for you than the last!

xo A

*Photo found .

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