Links ‘n Drinks

Oh Links ‘n Drinks, how I have missed you so! And this blog, I’ve missed it too, but sometimes life though, right pals? I big Happy Holidays to you and yours as they have officially begun. I am SO excited for some time off at the end of the month. We are off to a warm and sunny pace for Christmas and then back in Canada for a New Years Eve wedding.

merry and happy *photo from here.

On to the good stuff! Someone asked me the other day where I find these links and I questioned if they were human because, duh, the internet. Actually though, a lot of them I don’t discover myself but take from friends’ social media pages (thanks guys!). I love sharing things I’ve found that maybe you have or haven’t seen before. It’s just FUN! Plus, it’s Friday and I’ m sleepy.

The Links:

The Drink:

Cheers to a fabulous weekend and a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my MAMA! Wish I could be there to celebrate with you, but I’ll see you in exactly 29 days. I love you!

xo Ali