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A message from an iPhone addict

Are you addicted to your phone? I am. I will say that I do go through phases where I couldn’t be bothered to check my messages right away. I’m not in one of those phases. I have my phone on me at. all. times. Granted, I need it for work and it’s wonderful for capturing moments, but I’m pretty sure I’m not going to miss the end of the world if I take a 30 second pee without my phone. I was struck by my addiction last night when we were watching a movie on glaciers and global warming, which is totally my kind of documentary, and half way through the doc, even though I was totally into what was happening on screen, I picked up my phone to check twitter, Instagram, etc. Like. Come on.

I need to separate myself from the little black rectangle that seems to consume my life. I’ve got to leave my phone in the other room and quit panicking that I don’t know the up-to-date info on the Royal Baby or that the Jays lost this game too. We are so used to setting our alarms on our phones. When traveling this is a great feature, but I’ve got a traditional alarm clock for a reason. I’m vowing to leave my phone downstairs, go to bed with a book, and read like I used to.

One of my favourite authors, Robert Frost, is famously quoted for the phrase “It. Goes. On.” in regards to life. I should listen once and a while and apply this to my phone addiction.

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life lately, according to my iPhone

Let’s just say I’ve been busy the last couple weeks and it has made blogging an afterthought. The biggest issue preventing me from sharing my oh-so-exciting life with you is that we don’t have any internet in our new home. Oh, you want to hear what I’ve been up to? My wonderful family came to town for a few days, we moved in to our new home and out of our old one during family visiting time, I moved offices at work, and my dear old pup Jasper was put down a couple weeks ago. My tear ducts are empty. So with the lack of internet, which you can listen to me complain about on twitter , I haven’t really been able to peruse the internet for cool links. As far as drinks? There happened to be a beer fest my work was hosting, so, we shall leave it at that. INstead of Links ‘N Drinks, I’ll just share a few Instagram photos from the last couple weeks. Oh, and did ya hear? Instagram does videos now? Life is complete. I do feel bad for the vine app though.

Happy Father’s Day and Happy Birthday to the most loving man I know. I’m lucky to have you as my Dad.

A little part of where I live.

A housewarming pie.

To the best little puppy a girl could ask for. <3

You make unpacking much better.

Werk Werk Werk.

A glimpse of the Beer Festival.

xo Ali

PS. Stay safe Calgary. The rain is wreaking havoc on my part of the world as well but nothing like what is going on there right now.

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What I’ve been up to lately through the eyes of my iPhone camera lens.









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So while I’m writing the review for Looking for Alaska , I thought that I would start a post on this blog that I often do on my other blog where I share the past couple weeks of instagram photos. I love this post on other blogs and find it interesting to see all those photos together.

If you’re way too anxious to hear about Looking for Alaska , you can check you the terrible quality video I shot of my thoughts on the novel here .

Here you go!








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