Autumn Musings

Happy Tuesday, all! I hope you Canadians had a lovely Thanksgiving Weekend. Mine was nice and relaxing with a trip to the cabin on Sunday for a delicious dinner and evening of games. I should also fess up and say Sober October went through a bit of a rough time at Thanksgiving dinner. But I did mention that I’d be having a couple glasses of wine on Thanksgiving when I started this whole things. It was a rough couple of weeks in the beginning because I was going through the whole wanting what I can’t have. The bottle of wine I had on Thanksgiving sure changed that… NO WINE EVER AGAIN.

Kidding, of course. Thought I’d just check in here! I’ve been attempting to edit a September “Things I Like” video and it hasn’t been going well. Not sure what the issue is, but my clips won’t import into iMovie and I’ve just about had it. Tonight is my last attempt!

Winter is coming in my part of the world as this morning was the first morning where the car was covered in frost. I love Fall and everything about it, but I don’t love winter and the freezing cold mornings. I will learn how to snowboard this winter though, it’s my mission!

After leaving the cabin we stopped into Target for some cheeky Fall decor shopping. The thing about living in a small town is that not everything is right at your fingertips: things need to be ordered online or you need to plan ahead when you’re going into a bigger city, which I haven’t been very good at. Luckily, most fall things were on sale so it worked out in the end!

I’ve got tons of blog posts planned just seem to run out of time to do them. I bought myself to organize my YouTube and Blog schedule. Blogging and Videos are something that I really enjoy doing and I need to organize myself a bit better in order to actually create content. With a full-time job during the day, it’s hard to stay motivated in the evening when all you want to do is curl up in sweats. But alas, this is something that truly makes me happy and so it’s SO IMPORTANT to make the time for happy hobbies. :)

Hope you have a wonderful week.

xo Ali


A message from an iPhone addict

Are you addicted to your phone? I am. I will say that I do go through phases where I couldn’t be bothered to check my messages right away. I’m not in one of those phases. I have my phone on me at. all. times. Granted, I need it for work and it’s wonderful for capturing moments, but I’m pretty sure I’m not going to miss the end of the world if I take a 30 second pee without my phone. I was struck by my addiction last night when we were watching a movie on glaciers and global warming, which is totally my kind of documentary, and half way through the doc, even though I was totally into what was happening on screen, I picked up my phone to check twitter, Instagram, etc. Like. Come on.

I need to separate myself from the little black rectangle that seems to consume my life. I’ve got to leave my phone in the other room and quit panicking that I don’t know the up-to-date info on the Royal Baby or that the Jays lost this game too. We are so used to setting our alarms on our phones. When traveling this is a great feature, but I’ve got a traditional alarm clock for a reason. I’m vowing to leave my phone downstairs, go to bed with a book, and read like I used to.

One of my favourite authors, Robert Frost, is famously quoted for the phrase “It. Goes. On.” in regards to life. I should listen once and a while and apply this to my phone addiction.

Video: Columbia Lake, BC

You all know how much I love to show off where I live. Yesterday evening, my boyfriend’s boss took us on a little boat ride and swim on Columbia Lake. The weather has consistently been above or around 30 degrees for the past little while and the only way to sufficiently cool down is to jump in the lake. Oh lake. How I love you so.

xo Ali

I’ve mentioned it a few times before, so I’ll mention it once more: moving from Vancouver wasn’t easy. It was a bit of an abrupt move because when I got to where I live now, I didn’t know if I’d be able to stay due to a job and what not. Well I was able to get a job and a half (aka contract work) within 5 days of being here. After struggling to find full-time work that didn’t suck in Vancouver, I had to see the move as a blessing in disguise and just go for it. The first few months weren’t easy, especially because I’m not much of a winter sports kind of gal – I’m working on it. But summer, oh sweet, sweet summer, you’re wonderful. In the past couple months I’ve fallen in love with golf and am embracing lake life and the beauty that surrounds me. From necessary dips in the lake over the weekend – hello 37*C – to just hanging out by the fire chatting with good friends, this is a life a can live. Work problems seems to trivial when you enjoy where you live. So thank you to my boyfriend who has shown me a part of the world I might not have gotten to experience due to my sometimes stubborn personality. As much as I miss my Mom and Dad (and my Sar Bear), life is good here. Plus, there are these things called phones that allow long distances to feel short and non existent. I hope you had a wonderful weekend.


You’re going to hate me for this title when you find out what I’m talking about.

Insanity Workouts.

Super sweet title right? Wrong. But I digress.

So, pals, I’ve started Insanity. I made the decision to order the DVD’s about a month or two ago but I knew I wouldn’t be able to start the program until we were a bit more settled in our new place. I also didn’t want to mention anything about it until I actually started the program. Why Insanity, you ask? I don’t know, to be quite honest. I do/did know though that I needed a kick in the ass. Since moving to the mountains and starting a whole new life basically, I’ve forgotten about some of the things that I used to do. I’m certainly no jock but I enjoy working out and moving my body which I haven’t done a lot of since I moved. SO. KICK IN ASS NEEDED. My boyfriend asked me why I decided to start the most intense fitness program out there after not moving my butt for months. I didn’t have an answer.

So I started this past Monday. The program comes with a nutrition guide which is basically a bunch of healthy recipes. I haven’t looked through it much but it seems kind of handy. It also comes with a calendar for the workouts and the DVDs of course. You begin with a Fit Test and do this test every 2 weeks to track your progress. Well shit fit test, you’re tough! I should’ve caught on to this when I read “If you find the fit test too challenging, think about starting another Beach Body program before starting Insanity.” I have always learned the hard way. With Insanity, you work out 6 days a week. 6. 6 out of 7. 1 day off. Doable, I thought. No biggie, I figured. Totally wrong, I was. (Shit, I’m talking Yoda again). So when I woke up Tuesday morning after the Fit Test sore and unable to walk properly, I knew I was in trouble. Tuesday evening came along and I was motivated. I was ready. My BF was even going to work out with me. 5 minutes into the warm up and we were both sweating buckets. Cool. These workouts are NOT easy. AT ALL. Nothing that’s worth it is easy though, right? RIGHT GUYS?

So here I am. Thursday afternoon and I’ve completed 2 workouts and one Fit Test. I have 57 more days to go. Follow along and enjoy my misery as I document via words, because I’m not posting bikini pictures on the internet, duh.

xo Ali

Summer, where art thou?

I’m talking about the season of Summer but if you’re super sweet like me then yes, I’m also talking about Summer Roberts from The OC aka Rachel Bilson (guys, please still be my friend). So, I’m not sure about where you’re living but where I am summer is no where to be found. I’m looking forward to a couple things in the next couple weeks – moving (yay!) and a huge visit from a bunch of family – so I’m going to need the sun to start shining pretty soon.

I have been more active on Pinterest lately, although I didn’t think that was possible, pinning any outfit that is remotely summery. I don’t claim to be a fashion blogger, but I do wear clothes and I have some pretty bossy friends in the fashion world (you ladies know who you are), so I’d like to share a few outfits I’ve been drooling over to get a little more in the summer spirit.

Happy summer!

xo Ali

PS. I ordered Insanity so if I fall off the face of the planet it’s because my body aches and I can’t even move my fingers to type.

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Weekend Wonders

Oh weekends, how I just love you so – especially when you’re extra long. It was a holiday weekend here in Canada and I made a conscious decision to enjoy it and not go into work. It. Was. Nice. From planting, to golfing, to long dinners on the patio, chatting and drinking homemade wine (more on that later), I had a very lovely weekend. Though the weather was a bit crappy, I didn’t actually mind as it made me feel a little less guilty for laying on the couch all day watching YouTube. Here are a few shots from my weekend. How was yours?



An extra Happy Birthday goes out to my friend Erica! You can read about her here ! Love you, dear.

xo Ali

Workplace Woes: Negativity

Have you told someone lately that they are lovely? Granted, some people aren’t so lovely, but those who are need to hear it. It never gets old.

I’ve had a lot of different types of jobs in my life, so I’ve shared company with a wide variety of people and personalities. I’m grateful to have had so many jobs and co-workers that I’ve been able to learn so many things from, but there’s one type of person I have a hard time embracing – a negative Nancy.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m at work for sometimes 8+ hours a day, I like to keep things pretty jovial. I get my work done and of course I am serious when necessary, but for the most part, I tend to be pretty happy at work. This happiness is challenged, however, when there’s negativity in the office.

Life is challenging sometimes, but for the most part I have it pretty darn good. So when I come into work in the morning at 8:30am and a co-worker is already bitching and complaining about something, I make a decision right then and there to tune them out. Ignoring them completely isn’t the answer, but making sure their outbursts don’t affect your mood can be tricky. It takes a little self-talk and a few reminders of the wonderful things in your own life. I have found the most effective way of ridding this negativity, is to compliment others and extend your good mood outward. It not only makes you feel good, but reminds that negative Nancy that the world isn’t ending and they shouldn’t act like it is.

xo Ali

Dream On

I’m not much of a quote kind of gal, in fact, I scoff at most. Some might even call me a pessimist. There are those days, however, that one needs to retreat from the present and create a bit of a happy place for themselves. When something isn’t going right at work, or after an argument with a loved one, I often find myself floating into a sleepless dream. I think we have to allow ourselves that ability to escape – escape the pressing deadlines, the ringing phone, the pile of bills – and dream of a place you’d much rather be.

So dream on, dreamer. It’s good for you.

xo A

Ps. How do you like the new look? I’m not 100% on board yet, but with a little tweaking (or twerking, whatever floats your boat) I think I’ll like it!

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