Bits of My Weekend

This weekend was a busy one, starting with a charity dinner & comedy show for an animal shelter in town that I’ve just recently started volunteering for called ICAN. (Check them out if you get a chance!) I helped decorate my company’s float for a Light Up! festival, but I didn’t end up going  to the festival because I had a very quick bout of the flu. That was weird. Then of course it was the Grey Cup this weekend and we were expecting a friend in from out of town so I was busy making yummy things to munch on all. day. long. (I’m writing this after 45 mins on the treadmill – bikini time in 4 weeks, people). Today, we ended our pal’s visit with a trip to the natural Hot Springs near us. It was a lovely, busy weekend full of laughs, friends, and great food. What more can one ask for? Oh just an adorable dog to puppy-sit all weekend? CHECK!

Photos for your eyeballzzz. <3

photo 1-1

The most adorable.

photo 2-1

Always in awe of the beauty that surrounds me. Photos don’t do it justice.

photo 4 …See above description.

photo 3

I peak at our float!

photo 2-2 The live auction at the dinner/show!

I hope you had a fabulous weekend!

xo Ali