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Video: Columbia Lake, BC

You all know how much I love to show off where I live. Yesterday evening, my boyfriend’s boss took us on a little boat ride and swim on Columbia Lake. The weather has consistently been above or around 30 degrees for the past little while and the only way to sufficiently cool down is to jump in the lake. Oh lake. How I love you so.

xo Ali

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You’re going to hate me for this title when you find out what I’m talking about.

Insanity Workouts.

Super sweet title right? Wrong. But I digress.

So, pals, I’ve started Insanity. I made the decision to order the DVD’s about a month or two ago but I knew I wouldn’t be able to start the program until we were a bit more settled in our new place. I also didn’t want to mention anything about it until I actually started the program. Why Insanity, you ask? I don’t know, to be quite honest. I do/did know though that I needed a kick in the ass. Since moving to the mountains and starting a whole new life basically, I’ve forgotten about some of the things that I used to do. I’m certainly no jock but I enjoy working out and moving my body which I haven’t done a lot of since I moved. SO. KICK IN ASS NEEDED. My boyfriend asked me why I decided to start the most intense fitness program out there after not moving my butt for months. I didn’t have an answer.

So I started this past Monday. The program comes with a nutrition guide which is basically a bunch of healthy recipes. I haven’t looked through it much but it seems kind of handy. It also comes with a calendar for the workouts and the DVDs of course. You begin with a Fit Test and do this test every 2 weeks to track your progress. Well shit fit test, you’re tough! I should’ve caught on to this when I read “If you find the fit test too challenging, think about starting another Beach Body program before starting Insanity.” I have always learned the hard way. With Insanity, you work out 6 days a week. 6. 6 out of 7. 1 day off. Doable, I thought. No biggie, I figured. Totally wrong, I was. (Shit, I’m talking Yoda again). So when I woke up Tuesday morning after the Fit Test sore and unable to walk properly, I knew I was in trouble. Tuesday evening came along and I was motivated. I was ready. My BF was even going to work out with me. 5 minutes into the warm up and we were both sweating buckets. Cool. These workouts are NOT easy. AT ALL. Nothing that’s worth it is easy though, right? RIGHT GUYS?

So here I am. Thursday afternoon and I’ve completed 2 workouts and one Fit Test. I have 57 more days to go. Follow along and enjoy my misery as I document via words, because I’m not posting bikini pictures on the internet, duh.

xo Ali

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Weekend Wonders

Oh weekends, how I just love you so – especially when you’re extra long. It was a holiday weekend here in Canada and I made a conscious decision to enjoy it and not go into work. It. Was. Nice. From planting, to golfing, to long dinners on the patio, chatting and drinking homemade wine (more on that later), I had a very lovely weekend. Though the weather was a bit crappy, I didn’t actually mind as it made me feel a little less guilty for laying on the couch all day watching YouTube. Here are a few shots from my weekend. How was yours?



An extra Happy Birthday goes out to my friend Erica! You can read about her here ! Love you, dear.

xo Ali

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Workplace Woes: Negativity

whole lot of lovely

Have you told someone lately that they are lovely? Granted, some people aren’t so lovely, but those who are need to hear it. It never gets old.

I’ve had a lot of different types of jobs in my life, so I’ve shared company with a wide variety of people and personalities. I’m grateful to have had so many jobs and co-workers that I’ve been able to learn so many things from, but there’s one type of person I have a hard time embracing – a negative Nancy.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m at work for sometimes 8+ hours a day, I like to keep things pretty jovial. I get my work done and of course I am serious when necessary, but for the most part, I tend to be pretty happy at work. This happiness is challenged, however, when there’s negativity in the office.

Life is challenging sometimes, but for the most part I have it pretty darn good. So when I come into work in the morning at 8:30am and a co-worker is already bitching and complaining about something, I make a decision right then and there to tune them out. Ignoring them completely isn’t the answer, but making sure their outbursts don’t affect your mood can be tricky. It takes a little self-talk and a few reminders of the wonderful things in your own life. I have found the most effective way of ridding this negativity, is to compliment others and extend your good mood outward. It not only makes you feel good, but reminds that negative Nancy that the world isn’t ending and they shouldn’t act like it is.

xo Ali

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Life Lately, According to my iPhone

No Soapbox Sunday post today, unfortunately. We went to a wedding last night and it’s safe to say we had a pretty good time. A headache and sore feet in the morning usually mean a night of non-stop, terrible dancing – my favourite. We had a lazy today and actually enjoyed the beautiful weather that has arrived with a walk down to the lake and a lounge in the sun.

So, to make up for my lack of a Soapbox Sunday post, here’s a few photos via my iPhone.

A very chilly first dip in the lake.

A photo from a few years ago before we started dating.

Housesitting lets me hang out with cuties like this!

Currently reading and always laughing.

The first stop on a 40 hr trip to Vancouver – Sushi… mmm.

Getting back to YouTube :)

The most handsome little boy – my pup Jasper.

So there you have it, folks! I hope you have a fantastic week. I can’t believe it’s Sunday night already. Has anyone been able to workout 3-day weekends yet? I’d really appreciate it. Kthxbye.

xo Ali

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Hey Pals!

I do love me some YouTube and while I may not be the best at editing (yet), I still really enjoy recording, editing, and posting videos. My favourite part though are the responses! I love to make internet friends and support friends who like to blog, twitter, YouTube etc. It’s just good ol’ fashioned fun, if you ask me. Wait, were you asking me..?

(awkward pause)

So, here you go… a video of me! You get to look at my face and listen to me chat about things. Yay!

xo Ali

P.S. It’s MAY? WTF?

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I could end this post with the title, but you guys want to hear my opinion on this subject, right? When I introduced Soapbox Sunday to Read Me, Dear, I never said all topics were going to be intellectually stimulating, now did I? No. I did not. So shall we?

Taylor Swift is a nice young woman who has everything going for her and you need to quit harping on her. My Mom is a teacher, an incredible teacher might I add (I love you Mommy) and a few years ago she taught a grade 4 class for advanced kids. These kids were around 9 or 10 years old. I would love going to her classroom after university classes on Friday afternoons and hang with the kids and help my Mom in her classroom. I remember one afternoon she asked me if she could borrow my Taylor Swift CD. I said “Sure Mom, but I didn’t know you were a fan.” She said “I’m not, but the girls want to listen to her and their parents won’t let them have the CD.” …. *Jaw drops* “You’re kidding me,” I say. “Nope,” says Mama C.

Taylor Swift. These parents wouldn’t let their girls listen to Taylor Swift. Let’s just take a look back to the mid 90s and remember what kind of shit we listened to as youngsters before we clued in to what real music is, shall we? Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, B4-4, O-Town (remember Liquid Dreams – yeah… wtf), N Sync, Pink …(shit, she’s been around for a long time), and the list could go on forever.

T Swifty is the most innocent role model a parent could ask for. She’s public about how she doesn’t drink or do drugs, she hardly wears anything revealing, she runs her own shit and does it well, and she’s all around awesome. Plus, I don’t care if you think this face isn’t genuine, it’s adorable…

So no, she may not be the most musically talented, but she’s one of the most genuinely  good role models out there right now. And let her date whoever the hell she wants… she’s 23 and that’s what you’re supposed to be doing.

So sing on Taylor Swift, sing on. I GOT YOUR BACK, GIRL!

xo A

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Life, right?

I think I’ve used that as an intro to one of my posts before. Oh well. My blog, my rules ya’ll. Also, no one reads my blog anyway so I’m good on the repetition of my best material.

Off track. Oh boy.

So, remember when I said I was training for a 1/2 marathon and then I completely changed my life and moved 2 months later? No? Well, I do. I was bummed once I realized that I would not longer be able to get out to Vancouver to run a 1/2, so I quit training altogether. Like I said, I was making major life changes so I needed a bit of a break from the running (not that I was far into training anyway).

Now that I’ve got things in order on the life front, the little pooch on my belly keeps reminding me that I need to dust off the runners and get moving again. Exercise makes a HUGE difference in how I feel, more specifically, my confidence. I’ve never done a workout and felt like shit after, so what’s been stopping me?

A co worker told me about a 1/2 marathon that takes places in my area around mid-August and I made the decision right then and there to run it. I’ve got just over 4 months. 16 weeks. Totally doable. (holyshitwhatamidoing)

Here we go again, pals. Yay for a smaller beer gut!

xo A

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Yesterday was International Women’s Day. I never really knew this day existed until a few years ago and to be honest, I didn’t really pay it any attention. This year, however, I actually used the Google machine and researched the day, the achievements of women around the world, and the celebrations some communities partake in.

Imma raise my hands for all the women of the world because damn, we’ve been getting shit done. *Party pooper alert* But we’ve got so much more to accomplish. I’m not about to write paragraphs about the day, I just want to make sure you utilize the interwebzzz and research a little about it too. The day is about monumental achievements that women have made in the world in the last couple centuries, but I can’t help but want to add my little view on the day too…

I have made it a point in the last few months to watch what I say about other people, specifically women. We’ve all been through the hell that is Junior High and High School (what is that shit about anyway…?) so we know how mean girls and women can be. So how come it continues? Why is there so much judgement? This isn’t high school anymore and we are not going through puberty, though if you were a late bloomer like I was, then I’m sorry, the boobs will come. We all have insecurities. That is clear. But what isn’t clear to me is that a lot of women have a hard time growing out of that “mean high school girl” phase. We have got to stop judging and insulting one another and start complimenting and empowering the women in our life. I’m sure I’ll get a few people from Facebook reading this and wondering what the hell I’m talking about, and this, that, and the other thing… but, I don’t actually care what they say.

It starts with you and your attitude. What is that little quip you just thought to yourself about that girl’s choice of footwear going to do for you? Nothing. Who gives a shit? You have to do you and no one else. Support other women who are doing the same as you and every other woman on the planet – figuring their shit out. No body has the secret. There isn’t one other than finding your own, individual happiness. We’ve got to stop thinking that we are against each other and that we are in competition for something. We are all working for the same thing and THAT is what International Women’s Day is about.

xo A

Ps. I now realize that it is incredibly intimidating putting my honest opinions on sometimes awkward subjects out into the internet world. So please, be kind.

Also, is Daylight Savings Time your enemy today too? Because I’m about to hit the hay and it’s 8:30. You win this time “spring forward”…

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Yesterday was my birthday and I have been celebrating for a few days now. It just happens that way sometimes – I’m not complaining.

Friday night a few friends and I headed to one of my favorite restaurants, Chewies Steam and Oyster Bar. Food is always great and the servers are even better.


Mmm ceasars…

Yesterday was my actual birthday. Can you tell I’m avoiding telling you which birthday? Deal with it, it’s not going to happen. My lovely parents took me to see Jerry Seinfeld who was live at The Orpheum theatre here in Vancouver. It was so awesome! It’s so cool to see him on stage doing standup after religiously watching his show for years. If you are a fan and have the chance to see him, do it. The price might be a little high but it’s worth it.

Birthdays are a funny thing. Mine started to feel less significant and more like any other day a few years ago. This isn’t a knock toward my family and friends who always make me feel special. It’s just a part of getting older. Though I’m excited for life and new experiences, there’s always something a little depressing about getting older.

Cheers, friends, to birthdays and life!



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