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Oh Links ‘n Drinks, how I have missed you so! And this blog, I’ve missed it too, but sometimes life though, right pals? I big Happy Holidays to you and yours as they have officially begun. I am SO excited for some time off at the end of the month. We are off to a warm and sunny pace for Christmas and then back in Canada for a New Years Eve wedding.

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On to the good stuff! Someone asked me the other day where I find these links and I questioned if they were human because, duh, the internet. Actually though, a lot of them I don’t discover myself but take from friends’ social media pages (thanks guys!). I love sharing things I’ve found that maybe you have or haven’t seen before. It’s just FUN! Plus, it’s Friday and I’ m sleepy.

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Cheers to a fabulous weekend and a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my MAMA! Wish I could be there to celebrate with you, but I’ll see you in exactly 29 days. I love you!

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Overall The Hunger Games is an easy and entertaining read for most age groups. I have a few bones to pick, but I really did enjoy the first book in this trilogy and I’ve moved on to the second book, Catching Fire.

I’ll be honest, it took about 150 pages to get me to that point in a book where you can’t stop reading. I was pretty surprised by this as I expected to be completely obsessed right away (Harry Potter). Maybe this was because of the fact I’m not in the targeted age group or the fact that I had about a million other things going on and couldn’t find the time to be obsessed – who really knows?! Anyway, my favorite part of the book were the scenes in the arena where the games took place and hearing about Katniss’ strategies and survival tactics. In fact, I liked this part much more than the Peeta-Katniss-Gale love triangle. I found that a little cheesy actually, but if you’re going to write a book for hormone raged teens, you’re going to need to add a little boy drama in there (story of my life – can I get an amen?)

The main thing that stuck out to me from the entire novel is the idea that society has a certain control over you. I couldn’t help but think of how big a comment on governmental control this entire book was. I don’t hope to create any angst toward your own government, but it certainly makes you think about the rights and freedoms you have in society and the amount of control you have on your own life – sometimes I swear it feels like none!

Please, please, please (!!) leave your comments if you’ve read the book(s) and I’d love book recommendations too!


I’m just over 100 pages in The Hunger Games and all I can think while reading is “HOW CAN EVERYONE BE SO CASUAL ABOUT FIGHTING TO THE DEATH?” I’m telling you right now, if our present world becomes one with a Capitol and districts and where the Olympic Games are now Hunger Games where young children/teens actually kill…. Then I’d totally be okay with that because I took archery in summer camp and I think I’d rock. One slight change though, we kill each other with kindness? No? Not as dramatic and thrilling and won’t make millions of dollars in books, films, etc.? Shoot.

If you’re reading The Hunger Games, how are you liking it so far? Don’t ruin it for me! I’m slowly getting through it as I’ve been preoccupied with my final set of university exams! (yay me)

I also made the choice to be much less rigid in my writing and actually let a bit of my personality shine through on this blog. This could be a mistake, though. I’ll let you know if it is.



Here on Read Me, Dear we don’t judge books by their cover, genre, or (lack of) hype – we believe in equality and giving everything (and everyone) a chance. My goal for this blog is to encourage reading. If a book series such as Harry Potter, Twilight (ugh), or The Hunger Games gets people kids to read, then who cares if the plot is completely terrible (Twilight), or the characters sparkle in daylight (Twilight), or the film versions are 10 times worse (Twilight)… WHO CARES? What matters is that kids are actually reading. So, to be fair, I’ll be including books like The Hunger Games in this little blog of mine. I hope you stick around and leave your judging to Facebook.