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Lost in the Mountains

(not actually lost)

Arguably I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. There’s a lot of them and beauty can be found anywhere so don’t get all “No you don’t, Ali” “Mountains and nature SUCK, Ali”… we’re all friends here. I’m reminded by the beauty that surrounds me every single day on my way to and from work and basically whenever I go out of my house. I was driving into Calgary yesterday for a work thaaang and I finally stopped at one of my most favourite views that I’ve ever seen with my own eyeballs. Thanks to this blog of mine and other electronic resources I get to share that view with you, my pals. I’m sure there’s a technical name for this lookout but it’s about 20 minutes into Kootenay National Park from Radium and it literally takes my breath away every. single. time. Enjoy!




xo Ali

PS. NEW SPECS in the video! My first pair ordered online and I’m pleased.

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Travel: A Weekend on the Coast

September was a busy one. We were away almost every weekend and got to do a lot of really fun things which was the most perfect way to end an amazing summer. The last weekend of September we headed out to Vancouver and The Island for a weekend away. The original reason for the trip was to pick up our brand new vehicle, well, new to us! I’m so happy to have something safe and reliable for these sketchy Canadian winters. We decided to make a weekend out of it and head to Sooke Harbour Resort & Marina on Vancouver Island for a of couple days. It was to get away for a couple days, however, it POURED rain. Now, having lived in Vancouver for 4 years you’d think I wouldn’t let a little rain get in the way of a good time. Pals, this was rain like I’ve never seen before on the Coast. It didn’t let up, even when it calmed down a bit, it was still sprinkling. We had planned to go fishing one day but the seas were definitely angry that day. So much so the ferries were cancelled. We ended up putting a few crab traps in and were treated to fresh crab for dinner that night – yum! While it wasn’t the trip we were hoping for, it was still an experience and for that, I’m grateful!

Thanks for reading. Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

xo Ali

PS. Check out my latest YouTube video: Things I Liked in Sept!

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Yesterday I turned 25. Woah, life! Slow down please! I’m not whining and saying that 25 is old, because it’s not. I just can’t believe I’m here already.

I’ve always enjoyed my birthday, not for myself necessarily, but for a reason to gather and laugh and have drinks and dance – all things I love to do! The last couple birthdays, however, have been a little sad. I haven’t been able to put my finger on it, but I think it’s because life seems to be moving so quickly and I get scared it passes right by me sometimes. I have to remind myself to live in the moment and just enjoy, but it’s a lot harder than it seems.

Yesterday was a lovely day filled with puppies (not mine, unfortunately), breakfast in bed, lazing on the couch and a nice romantic dinner. We were dog-sitting a coworkers 5 month old pup who is the cutest little thing (see below and prepare for ‘awwww’ ing). I am a dog person. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about that one. I grew up with dogs and now that my childhood pups have past on, my puppy fever has gotten oh so bad. BUT, it’s a commitment and with our work schedules and the amount of weekend traveling we do, it’s not in the cards for us right now. I’m grateful I have friends and co workers who are fed up with my puppy fever and let me watch their dogs for the weekend.

My lovely boyfriend, Steve, made me breakfast in bed, which was actually my first time and it kind of rocks! We’ve had a busy summer and are away for the next few weekends so all I wanted to do today was nothing. So that’s what we did. I worked out while Steve stepped out for work for a couple hours and then the ass-to-couch-ing began. It was divine. Later, we went out for a lovely dinner at a nice little place in town and it was the perfect end to the day I turned 25. (I still can’t believe I’m 25 and I’m kind of still freaking out about it but also excited for life. So. It works. Man, life, eh?!)

I also decided to depressingly talk about turning 25 .

xo Ali

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Video: Columbia Lake, BC

You all know how much I love to show off where I live. Yesterday evening, my boyfriend’s boss took us on a little boat ride and swim on Columbia Lake. The weather has consistently been above or around 30 degrees for the past little while and the only way to sufficiently cool down is to jump in the lake. Oh lake. How I love you so.

xo Ali

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Vlog | A Cabin Adventure

So, June already, hey? WHERE DOES TIME GO?!

A couple weekends ago we took a little trip to the family cabin and I “vlogged” some of it (vlog = video blog). Hope you enjoy!

xo Ali

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